Leading the way to Chinook magic!

Tikaani is the foundation dam of Vanguard Chinooks.  Her robust health, sweet and loving personality, classic Chinook beauty, and solid work ethic are the best base I can think of for a new generation of Chinooks!  Tikaani had three litters of wonderful puppies-  sweet, loving, outgoing, and confident.  Her pups have excelled in both working venues — with titles in Sledding, Backpacking, Agility, Lure Coursing, and Rally Obedience, Weight Pull, Nosework and conformation.
Tikaani is a Top Producing Chinook dam, with 2 National Bests of Breed and 4 Grand Champions across her three litters. Most importantly, I'm thrilled at the wonderful working dogs and family companions she produced.

Tikaani is a happy and often serious dog - eager to understand exactly what I need from her so she can execute perfectly.  Her more serious side is just one facet of her personality- she can be incredibly playful and joyful - almost goofy with sheer exuberance when the mood strikes her.  She starts wagging when she knows I am awake in the morning, and when I call her name, she drops everything to come running back to me, smiling and wagging the whole way.  She is a gift and a blessing!
Tikaani is a phenomenal working dog- exhibiting Chinook sledding instinct from the minutes she first donned her harness.  She ran lead on my recreational sledding team with her daughter Sakari before she retired to a well-deserved comfy dog bed. While Sakari contributed the flash and dash, Tikaani was the rock solid foundation of the team - steady and focused in her work.

Tikaani sailed through pet dog training, and earned her first title in Rally Obedience in only 3 runs.  She earned an APDT Award of Excellence for qualifying for a title with exemplary competition results.  She loves working with me, and would try anything I asked her.  She loves agility, and is become captivated by K9 nosework. 

Tikaani is the ninth Chinook to ‘graduate’ to UKC Purebred status, and the first dog from the GreatMountain Cross line. What does that mean?  Tikaani has 1 great-great-grandparent , Glendon's Sweetie, who was not a Chinook!  Sweetie was a fantastic sled dog with excellent health, a wonderful temperament, and a strong resemblance to a Chinook.  Sweetie's daughter Northdown X Cheena became the foundation of the GreatMountain cross line.  For over a decade, GreatMountain Chinooks carefully bred Cheena and her descendants to other purebred Chinooks, blending Sweetie's health and working drive into the Chinook population. 

Formal Name:
Date of Birth:

'PR' GR CH GreatMountain Lyric Tikaani RL1 CGC HIC DNA-VIP
17 October 2006
GreatMountain x Tanacross
CH Hurricane Nokomis Dream
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    Tikaani in Spring

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    She's so pretty!

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    Born to Run

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    Tikaani & her grandpuppy, Jesson

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    Tikaani visits Arthur Walden's Grave

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    Grandma likes to play

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    The Tikaani in her natural habitat.

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    Tikaani loves to run!

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    Tikaani and her first Litter

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    Tikaani's Third Litter

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    Big Smile!

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    Tikaani's Second Litter

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    Tikaani runs lead on the team

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    What a pup!




PennHIP >90th %ile DI .33/.29
OFA Prelim Good (@ 18 months)
CERF /OFA Normal
OFA Normal
OFA Normal
Chondrodysplasia (Dwarfism) CLEAR
MultiDrug Resistance (MDR1) CLEAR
Degenerative Myelopathy CLEAR
Collie Eye Anomaly CLEAR
Clear of Seizures & Allergies
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Find more out about the COA Cross-to-Pure process at http://www.chinook.org/xbreeding.htm. 
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Hobbies: Rally Obedience, Nosework, Agility
Favorite Cartoon Character: Penelope Pitstop
Favorite Quote: "Work hard, nap long"
Career Ambition: Olympic Coach
Awards: Novice Sled Dog Certified, APDT Rally Obedience Level 1 (with an Award of Excellence), UKC Grand Champion, Canine Good Citizen (CGC), Herding Instinct Certified (HIC)