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In order to maintain diversity and good health, while keeping Chinooks from being exploited in puppy mills, we rely on Chinook owners that are willing to keep a male intact or raise a litter or two. “Satellite” litters are raised by one of these awesome families . I am responsible for supporting and mentoring them in all possible ways, and placing the puppies and helping them and their new owners for life. Partnerships like this help ensure there are healthy Chinooks in the future!

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Litter will be raised near Seattle, WA (Winter 2023)
TBD x Navi (Bashaba Mei Mei)
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Navi is a sweet active, social butterfly that is looking for Mr Right! She is a wonderful active family companion and purebred Chinook. Stay tuned for more information on Navi's breeding as it is revealed!
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Clear - Chondrodysplasia (Dwarfism) **
Clear - MultiDrug Resistance 1 (MDR1) **
Carrier - Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA)
Seizure & Allergy Free
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