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Fall Litter Planned! These puppies will be raised by me in New Jersey|
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Puppies will be raised using the Puppy Culture program, to provide them the very best start in life - you can learn more about Puppy Culture at www.PuppyCulture.com.
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Home Litter (Summer 2023)
TBD x Ankaa (Vanguard Celestial Ankaa)
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Ankaa is a second generation puppy from a Chinook x Tamaskan litter, part of the COA's Chinook Breed Conservation Program! You can read more about this litter here.

Ankaa is a super athletic, smart, active, sensitive problem solver who can't help frantically wagging her tail and licking the faces of people around her. She has a solid work ethic and is doing well starting in bikejoring and weight pull. She has the most sensitive and incredible nose of all of my dogs, and I hope to trail her in nosework land Rally Obedience later this year. Ankaa LOVES to run and play, and while her enthusiastic approach may come across as a bit extra, she is excellent at reading other dogs and soliciting play (particularly if they will chase her!). Ankaa has a strong off switch in the house and can often be found curled up on the couch within touching distance of her humans.

I'm looking for the right match to produce puppies with Ankaa's robust physicality and working ability, and a more medium Chinook energy level with a bit more substance. Puppies should conform to the Chinook standard with the potential exception of coat color, and also be Chinook-like in temperament. Some puppies may be towards the higher end of Chinook activity level and prey drive.

Puppies will be third generation under the Chinook Breed Conservation Program and registered with the United Kennel Club as purebred Chinooks.
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OFA Good, PennHIP 0.21/0.29 (90+ %ile)
OFA Normal
CAER Normal
Chondrodysplasia (Dwarfism) CLEAR
MultiDrug Resistance (MDR1) CLEAR
Degenerative Myelopathy CLEAR
Collie Eye Anomaly CARRIER
Clear of Seizures & Allergies
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**Genetics results available upon request- working on getting reports uploaded.
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