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Nashira is hard to resist. I tried and tried and tried and failed. My name is Karen, and I'm a Chinook-a-holic. She reminds me of her grandma Tikaani when I see her pretty face, and her mama Sakari when I see her fearlessly charge towards 7 strangers to say hello. Some people may say - "oh boy, there goes trouble in the form of a puppy that is likely smarter than her human". I say "I'm used to that" (Thanks, Conaway)

Nashira is a fearless pup who is poised to take the world by storm- I can't wait to see what she teaches me, and what places we will go together! She's already started to wow - winning the inaugural Chesterh Sweetie Award for Sweetest Temperament at the 2014 National Specialty. The same day, she won Best Cross of Breed, and stunned the judge with her Chinook type.

In early 2016, Nashira was approved for Cross-to-Pure status by the COA, effectively granting her UKC Purebred registration. In her first show, she won Best Female, and in her first weekend showing, she won Best of Breed over multiple Champions and Grand Champions. After a summertime break from showing, Nashira earned her Championship in just her fourth show!!

Nashira is the gamma star in the constellation Capricorn (yes, it's my sign). It is from old Arabic and means "She who brings good news" and /or "The Lucky One". Somehow, it just seemed to fit. Equally as fitting is the "Naunbat" portion of her name - which continues the tradition of Inuit names carried down her matrilineal line. Naunbat means "young tree growing from an old root" which so perfectly matches Nashira! She represents the young tree growing from her father Cedar (yes, really his name!), carrying forward his contribution into Chinooks generations after he was born. And Nashira has a little bit of that ancient canine spirit and confidence in her, coupled with the young playful puppy side. Naming her this just seems to all come together.

Formal Name:
Date of Birth:

CH Bashaba Naunbat Nashira HIC DNA-VIP
24 January 2014
GreatMountain x Cedar Adahi
Spayed Female
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Hobbies: Pestering Conaway, Stealing Socks
Favorite Cartoon Character: Mulan
Favorite Quote: "I got this"
Career Ambition: World Domination
Awards: Novice Sled Dog Certified, Chesterh Sweetie Award for Sweetest Temperament, 2014 & 2015 Best Cross of Breed at the National Specialty, Herding Instinct Certified (HIC), UKC Conformation Champion